Pizza Inn has character in spades, pizza not bad either

Dough Boy the Clown greeted Megan and me when we walked into Pizza Inn for the first time last weekend.

Despite a floppy hat, painted face and hands full of balloon animals, it was a bit jarring.

And then it was funny. Still odd, but fun.

Add in the neon signs, red print carpet and constant slate of ’80s pop music, and I’ll say Pizza Inn is certainly an entertaining dining experience.

But all that would be for naught if the pizza stunk. But most restaurants with a 45-year history are doing something right, and Pizza Inn, part of a national chain of 310 restaurants, puts out a decent slice.

I ordered a small Barn Burner (ham, cheddar, bacon) on hand tossed dough. Megan went with beef and mushrooms on thin crust. I liked both, actually, with the hand tossed crust being crisper than most, while the thin crust was less so.

But my favorite part was the sauce. The marinara sauce was nicely seasoned, and just a tad spicy, not at all sweet. And I like that. Nothing ruins a pizza like sweet marinara.

Which reminds me: we got a half order of both the cheese toast and the bread sticks. Both were fine, again, dipped in the marinara sauce.

It was a fun meal, and while it’s not my favorite pizza in town, I’m sure we’ll be back sometime.

Being that Pizza Inn is an old Sioux Falls establishment, I’m sure you all have thoughts, memories, favorites. Let me know!

(Editor’s Note: The bottom frame in the picture above is the balloon sword Dough Boy made me after I made some poorly-timed and poorly-followed joke about being a pirate. He then also told us his “adult” joke after looking 360 degrees to make sure there were no kids around.)