Something old, something new at Old Chicago

I’ve always liked Old Chicago. It’s a chain, sure, but I’ve always thought the pizza more than decent, the variety of beer welcome and some of the apps downright good.

Here in Sioux Falls, Old Chicago is tucked between 41st Street and the Empire Mall, an area of town I try to avoid if at all possible. It’s the only area of South Dakota that can claim real steady traffic, and unless I’m hitting up the GAP for a new pair of jeans or looking for a new San Diego Chargers hat (sigh), there’s not that much out that way for me.

But, a new service I’ve grown to like, Sioux Falls Daily Bar Specials, told me via Facebook that Old Chicago had buy two, get one free beers the other day. Perfect: Two for me, one for Megan! So we went.

As I mentioned above, I love some of the apps. The Italian Nachos are fun, with sausage, pepperoni, cheese and pepperoncini peppers on pasta chips. And the Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls are gooey cheese, sauce and cured meat goodness. So the Signature Trio (above left), which includes those two and some Cheese Garlic Bread, is an almost-always-order.

But something else caught our eye. Something odd. Something actually grotesque-looking. Something called the Oh My Spaghetti Pie (above right). The waiter assured me we’d like it, but only if we added a meatball. I like it when staff make suggestions, so we bit.

As the menu describes it, the pie is “spaghetti tossed in made-from-scratch Alfredo sauce with Parmesan, mozzarella, Romano and provolone cheeses. Slow baked then oven toasted, topped with more Alfredo and mozzarella, provolone and Asiago cheeses. Served by the slice over house marinara.” Don’t forget the meatball.

And it was really good. Rich, spicy, creamy. The pasta was properly-cooked and not squishy. Odd texturally, and it’s good we were splitting it, because even at that we didn’t finish. But it was quite tasty.

Who knows when I’ll be back to Old Chicago, but I can’t remember the last time I didn’t walk away happy.