First Look: Starz is pretty cool, I’ll be going back

Starz, the new offering from the folks that bring you Spezia and Bracco, opened up last Wednesday in the old Joey’s Seafood space in The Bridges at 57th.

Despite my furrowed brow at the played and confusing use of “z”s in place of “s”s, I was excited to give it a try. After all, the logo promises “Brewz, Food, Sportz.” Those are three of my favorite thingz!

The place was predictably packed; Sioux Falls KNOWS how to swarm a new restaurant. We are really good at it. But there were two seats open at the bar, so my friend Mike and I sat down for some beerz, eatz and sportz. Aside: That’s my other problem. If you’re going to do the “z” thing, commit. Don’t let a word like “food” get in the way. Moving on…

The walls are stuffed with a mix of old school (not Old Skoolz, mind you) beer signage from Schlitz, Hamm’s, Rainier and the like and sports memorabilia. It’s as if they threw Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s and Des Moines’ High Life Lounge in a blender and tossed the mixture on the walls. In a good way! It works.

This is a sports bar, so the food will be familiar: rings, wings, chislic, burgers, hot dogs, etc. I ordered the jalapeno cheese curds, tater tot nachos(!) and a Chopped Polish on Bar Beer Bread.

The curds, which come in a non-spicy cheese as well, were good. Though I’d put them somewhere south of “Famous” as the menu claims. The star shape of the tater tots made the nachos an even more brilliant idea. I could have had these more crisp, and next time I’ll ask for them that way. But I’ll certainly order them again.

The sandwich was weird. The beer bread was a fluffy thick tortilla which was awesome. The chopped sausage was good, and the lettuce crisp and fresh. It comes with a buffalo cream sauce that was tasty. I guess my only issue with the wrap was the inclusion of bread and butter pickle slices. It was a flavor combo I was not expecting, and while not unpleasant, it just didn’t fit for me.

This place was fun, and I’ll be back, probably soon, to have another American junk beer (I had a Hamm’s Premium Light with this meal).

What did you think of Starz? Let me know!