Two Thai-inspired Sandwiches Tussle Downtown

Sioux Falls, sadly, has no Thai food restaurants. Coco Palace serves some Thai dishes (as does its lesser, sister eatery Asia), and you’ll occasionally see some Thai-inspired eats around town, but that’s the list. At least as far as I know.

Because of this, I find myself ordering these dishes whenever I find them. Even if it seems out of place, like at Kaladi’s, or I’d probably rather order something else, like at the Diner.

So last week I found myself ordering Thai-inspired sandwiches at both places: The Hot Thai Chicky Wrap (top pic), and a Thai Chicken Grinder, respectively.

The Chicky Wrap at Kaladi’s is part of their new Peanut Butter Sandwich Menu. When I saw this, posted right next to the Hot Dog Menu, I was pretty stoked. And when I saw this wrap claimed “spicy” peanut butter with chicken, carrots, cucumber and sprouts, I knew what I was ordering.

I’ll say this: the peanut butter was, indeed, spicy. And I appreciate that. But the sandwich itself was sort of boring. And cold. That’s not a huge deal, though I think it would have been better hot.

The Thai Chicken Grinder at the Diner was served on a hoagie roll and had baked chicken, peanut dressing, cilantro, carrots, cucumber and fresh jalapeno, served hot. The dressing, cilantro and peppers, while not as spicy as the previous sandwich, were a bit closer to the Thai flavors I love. But the chicken was the largest part of the sandwich, and tamped down those flavors.

I appreciate both efforts, and will likely order any other combinations local restaurants serve up in the Thai vein. I do hold out hope that, one day, we’ll have a true Thai restaurant in town. Until then, happy hunting, and let me know if you find something!