Head south to Harrisburg, maybe Tea?

Recently, I ventured out of town to visit our two nearest neighboring communities to the south, Tea and Harrisburg. Finally checked out the Tea Steak House with a friend, and grabbed dinner with my wife at Leo’s in Harrisburg.

One meal was very good, one not what I was hoping for.

First to Harrisburg: Leo’s, recently opened in the spot that used to house Sports Zone at Cliff and Harrisburg (just keep driving south and it’ll be on your left), is a bit more upscale than its predecessor and the menu had a couple surprises like goulash and a full breakfast menu offered all day. Our server was a bit overzealous and thought insults would be a good way to earn a tip, but luckily the food to come would make up for it.

I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak, but this was a pork cutlet, not pounded cube steak like normal. And it was delicious. Lightly breaded, and not heavy with oil from frying, this was a very nice piece of pork. Turns out, Leo’s gets their meat from the local butcher in Harrisburg, White Wrapper Meats. Local! Bonus! Covered in a country gravy with some good pepper flavor. Another surprise was the vegetables served with the meal were fresh (cut that morning), not frozen, and had a nice crisp texture.

Megan ordered the Hot Beef Sandwich, and deemed it one of the best she’s had in the area. If you’re interested here is the list (so far!). We also ordered a cup of the chili to split, but I can’t recommend that one. A bit watery and bland.

I had a different experience, unfortunately, in Tea. I had been on a steak kick, and was looking forward to trying one from the famed steakhouse. I ordered the rib eye with cheesy hash browns and a salad. Abby ordered the prime rib.

The meal was huge! But that’s about what it had going for it. Basic lettuce with choice of ranch or French dressing was predictably meh. Cheesy hash was really saturated with oil/grease from grilling and I only had two bites. And the huge steak seemed more than a third fat and gristle and the rest under-seasoned and kind of bland meat. The prime was marginally better.

But, this place had that great steakhouse feel to it and outstanding service, so maybe I just got a bad steak. Maybe next time I order a strip or something with less potential for fatty overload.

Have you been to Leo’s or the Tea Steak House? What were your thoughts?