Pork Belly Cuban from Big Cheese wins me over

I’d not been to The Big Cheese Pizzeria & Sports Pub in something like two years, or shortly after they first opened. I vaguely remember liking the food, but it’s way out there off North Cliff and Benson, and I’m rarely if ever out that way.

But I found myself there two weeks ago for a gathering of the Sioux Falls chapter of the American Outlaws for the US v. Jamaica soccer match.

The menu had certainly changed since I’d last been there, because I’m positive I would have remembered a Pork Belly Cuban sandwich!

It’s a must order.

Juicy, smokey, goodness. And while it admittedly was more like really thick-cut bacon than true pork belly, it was delicious. The large pickle spear in the center could have been chips and I would have been happier, but that seems nit-picking for a sandwich I really liked.

I also grabbed an order of the Peppadew Poppers: sweet peppadew peppers filled with homemade sausage, cream cheese and herbs.


This is a pizza place, and I’ve heard good things, so I’ll have to go back and try again. I was impressed with the above meal, so I’ll go in with high hopes.

Anyone have a suggestion for my next trip? To Big Cheese or anywhere else?