Worried, but still optimistic, about Asia

For selfish reasons, I really want Asia Sushi Bar and Chinese Bistro to make a go of it. On the northeast corner of 10th Street and Minnesota Avenue, it’s directly across the street from Argus Leader Media, and super convenient for quick lunches or late dinners while at work. (If I turn my head to the left 45 degrees while typing this, it’s right out my window!).

Plus, I like sushi and Thai food, so this should be a great partnership, me and Asia.

But I’m having a hard time here. This, by my count, is the 237th* Asian food restaurant to open in Sioux Falls this year. It’s at one of our city’s finest cursed locations (um, a freaking Applebee’s couldn’t make it there). And lastly, each person I’ve talked to whose eaten there has said the dame thing: bland, empty, not that good.

And my first impression was the same.

Soggy, mushy rice makes soggy, mushy gross-mouth-feely sushi. My beef with hot garlic sauce had neither taste of garlic or hot. The best thing I had was the egg drop soup, but only after I put an obscene amount of black pepper, salt and half a spoonful of Sriracha in it.

But, as always, I’m not suggesting you don’t try it for yourself. I always give a place more than one go, as everyone can have a bad day, or maybe I order one of the Thai dishes and am blown away. Who knows.

Have you eaten at Asia yet? What was your experience? Is there something you think I should try?

(* Clearly not true, but it sure seems that way, right?)