Can’t go wrong with Parker’s for lunch, dinner or dessert

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth again pointing out Sioux Falls has a very nice group of casual fine dining restaurants. Places where the food is unique, made from scratch and of a high caliber, but you wouldn’t be out of place in a button-up shirt and jeans. I’m talking about Bros., K, Wild Sage, Grille 26, Minerva’s, and my favorite of the crew, Parker’s Bistro.

I love Parker’s because no matter what I’ve ordered, it has always been good. Up and down the menu, lunch to dinner, pasta to steak, I really dig this place. Beyond the food, it’s also just a cool building with the exposed brick, open kitchen and dark wood. It’s perfect for a work lunch or an anniversary dinner. Even an after-work beer.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have both a lunch and a dinner there. Let’s recount the damage:


New Orleans Style Gumbo: Good spice, tender chicken and chunky peppers and tomato made this a great start.

Veggie Dish - Tofu with farro and black quinoa, veggies, a salad with peanut sauce and truffled daikon chips. Wow. Often, one of the more interesting dishes on the menu is the vegetarian option. This is one of those times. A light, bright dish with Asian flavors and a citrus burst. I’d so eat this again.

Affogato - Now this is a treat! Take a bowl of ice cream, and dump a cup of espresso over it. Simple right? Well it is SO good. In this case, the ice cream was Heath ice cream, giving the dessert a caramel, coffee vanilla deliciousness that I’m still thinking about. A great ending.


Spicy Nuts: Mixed nuts, that are spicy. They used to be just pecans, and spicier, which I liked, but it’s a good starter nonetheless.

New York Strip with Stilton cheese and a peach/jalapeno glaze on top of a creamed crab polenta: Some think topping a steak with such strong flavors like blue cheese, fruit and peppers cover the actual taste of the meat. This one would not be for you. The flavors are intense, but work wonderfully with the thick steak (medium rare as always). The polenta was very good, buttery and smooth, though I didn’t taste any crab in the dish.

Pavlova - this meringue-based dessert in the shape of a dome is weird, and I’m not sure I love it. But I do like it, and it’s one of Megan’s favorites, so we order it from time to time. Covered with fruit and fruit sauce, this hard on the outside, gooey on the inside dessert is surely make an impression.

Do you have a favorite meal at Parker’s? Other questions I might be able to answer? Hit me up!

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