The Tortilla is the Greatest Food Ever

If I were to make a pie chart of everything I loved in this world, you’d likely be shocked at how much of my heart goes out to the tortilla.

It is, by far, my favorite food. My wife tires of me saying this, but you can take just about anything, wrap it in a tortilla, maybe throw some salsa on it, and BOOM! You’ve got yourself one handy, delicious meal!

Burritos? Check.

Tacos? You bet.

Corn? Yes please!

Flour? Just as good.

Leftovers? Wrap that near-trash stuff up in a tortilla and I’m eating it up awesome-style.

Fresh, plain toasted with butter? Gorgeous.

I’ll eat about anything wrapped in a tortilla (within ‘reason’). So when I saw that Puerto Vallarta had a Chile Relleno Burrito (messy, above), I had to order it.

Chile Relleno is my ‘go-to’ order for a new Mexican restaurant. Chile, cheese, egg. Simple, super tasty, and if you do it right, it’s a solid sign you’re not a poser.

Now people make arguments over whether they have meat or not (and I’m on the non-meat side), but really it doesn’t matter: can you make an egg-covered, cheese-stuffed chile that is not overdone and crusty or overly-cheesy?

Puerto Vallarta can. They also then serve it up stuffed in a tortilla! I loved it. Double win.

I’m serious in my love of the tortilla, and I’m hoping you might share your favorite versions/recipes with me. I eat tortillas as often as possible, so it’s likely your variation will make its way my direction sooner than later.

So have at it! What’s your favorite food/dish that has tortilla?