South-side goodness, or, Snugness: McNalley’s Irish Pub

I don’t get down to McNally’s Irish Pub very often, and it’s really too bad.

I like the dark, wood and copper ceiling atmosphere, they often have live Irish or Celtic music, and they have a great selection of whiskey and some fun Black and Tan combos (my favorite is the Cream of Wheat (above, left) which is Guinness and Boulevard Wheat).

Oh, and the food is usually pretty great comfort food. You’ll definitely leave full, and likely happy.

Megan swears by the Drunken Mussels. I usually stick to the Bangers and Mash or one of the burgers. Important to note here, that if you’re eating meat at McNally’s, you’re getting the good stuff right from their next-door neighbor, Look’s Market.

Last night I tried the Potato Leek Soup (top, center) for the first time, along with the Blackened Steak Tips (top, right). These also came with fried leeks. Both were really delicious. The soup was hearty and well-seasoned. I love leeks, and this soup certainly highlighted them. The steak (again, from Look’s), was fun, and some at the table said it was the best “chislic” in town. I’m not sure I’m there yet, but I sure did eat my share, plus.

I also ordered the Pub Classic, a gorgeous piece of cured-meat gluttony, which I’d had before and loved. Here’s the rundown:

Black Angus burger, topped with corned beef, streaky rashers (thick-cut bacon), cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and horseradish sauce!

I love this burger. I forgot to as for medium rare on last night’s version, and I’ll make sure to remember next time since it was a bit dry. Though still salty, meaty goodness that I’ll order again.

Go for the fries as a side unless you’re a fan of mayo-based slaws. They have a Granny Smith coleslaw that I think would be better with a vinegar base, as, for me, the mayo covers up the apple taste.

Plus, we were sitting in one of the “Snugs,” which is always fun.

Happy eating/drinking and have a good weekend.