Because what I needed were more soda options: The Coca-Cola Freestyle

I thought I’d grown out of the wanting to mix different flavors of fountain soda (pop). In theory it was way cool, but in practice it always left a weird, brown liquid that tasted like nothing good, exactly. I grew out of it somewhere around 12 years of age.


Have you seen these Coca-Cola Freestyle machines?! It’s a kid’s dream, and, if you push it too far, your tongue’s nightmare. It offers 100+ flavors through allowing you to mix and match sodas, all from one spigot.

I’d heard about them, and I think even seen one on one of the national morning shows, but I didn’t know any had made their way to Sioux Falls until recently, when I saw Pita Pit promoting the new hotness’ on their electronic board.

So I had to try it. For nostalgia!

I mixed Orange Fanta, Cherry Fanta and Sprite, attempting something fruity, refreshing and not too heavy.

Fail. At least mainly.

It was heavy, despite my attempts with the Sprite, and I don’t know what exactly I was thinking with the orange/cherry combo. Not great.

But it was fun, and I think that’s really the main thrust of the product.

Definitely recommended for the nostalgic, or the amateur mixologist.

Side note on Pita Pit: The falafel and the hummus are actually quite good. Just don’t ruin them with an orange/cherry/Sprite drink!

Do you know: Are there others in town too, or is this the only one? Have you tried the Freestyle before? What’s your favorite flavor combo?