Like spicy? Try these two jalapeno burgers!

I know spicy isn’t everyone’s thing, and I’ve often been blamed by friends of going to heat for heat’s sake. This, I promise you, is not true! I love spice and flavor first, heat second.

For that reason, I often order jalapeno burgers. I like the flavor punch they give, and the heat as well. Often these burgers also come with pepper jack cheese, though I’ll usually get a different cheddar or something else.

There are a lot of good “spicy” burgers in town, but Falls Landing (top) and Jane’s Little Coalinga have two of my favorites. First, the burgers are good, moist, flavorful burgers. The burger is still the star, not the jalapeno.

But as I’m wont to do, I also usually switch things up: at Falls Landing I had them add bacon. Delicious. At Coalinga, I added an egg (their egg burgers are awesome. And fellow food-lover and blogger The Secret Fork thinks so too). And as a bonus, you can see in the photos waffle fries and tots, two awesome accompaniments.

So give them a try if you like a little heat in your lunch.