Never had a torta? None in the last 24 hours? Go now!

At this point, midway through National Sandwich Month, I’m starting to dream everything between two slices of bread. But carry on with this 31-day celebration of sandwiches I will.

Today, I’m urging you to go to Jacky’s for lunch and order the Torta Milanesa. It’s just delicious goodness and you don’t want to deprive yourself from delicious goodness. Do you?!

A breaded and fried steak cutlet with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, guacamole (it’s homemade of course) cilantro and sour cream between two slices of fresh-baked torta loaf. You can see it above. The steak is thin and juicy, the beans solid and a nice base for the rest of the toppings. It was an awesome sandwich, made even better when I added what I call “The Orange/Good Stuff,” the smokey, chile sauce with the bright orange hue. Make sure to ask for it.

They also have tortas with beef, chicken, chorizo, etc. I’ve had the chorizo, and it is also amazing. But don’t pass up the Milanesa.

Mexican food and sandwiches: the torta. You can’t go wrong.