Going back to Crack’d Pot for some pie!

There really aren’t a ton of food options once you start heading up the hill on north Minnesota Ave. And none of them really jump out at you and say “you should eat here!”

At least not to me.

But we were looking for someplace new to us over the weekend, yet something with traditional breakfast. We ended up pulling in to the Crack’d Pot.

An old feel, full with pie case and a low counter to sit at up front. The Olympic men’s basketball gold medal game was on the TV, so we sat at the counter to watch.

Last I checked my calendar, it was still August, so when I saw they had an egg BLT sandwich (above) on the special menu, of course I knew what I was getting.

Not much really to review here. If you like BLTs, you’ll like this sandwich. Crisp bacon, good, fresh lettuce and tomato and a nice grilled white toast. Egg over medium as promised on the menu (I usually go over easy because I like the mess!). Solid, straight-forward and exactly what you’d expect.

The other actual breakfast stuff we got was less than thrilling, and I’d go as far as to say I did not like the gravy on those biscuits one bit.

But, and this is a pretty big but, I was THIS close to ordering breakfast pie because those things looked amazing. All the pies are made by the owner, and from sour cream raisin to strawberry to meringue, I could have done some damage there.

So I’ll be heading back to the Crack’d Pot for some pie soon. Just not the gravy.