A summer staple twisted, and twisted well.

Chicken salad sandwiches were made for summer. They’re great for picnics. Fairly cheap to make. Grandmas and kids alike love them. The mayonnaise that binds slowly cooking in the summer heat…


I’ve never liked chicken salad (or ham salad, potato salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, etc. for that matter). Always too heavy, too bland and just generally a pile of mush. And often way too much of the mayo, or worse, The Devil’s Condiment, Miracle Whip.

But there are always exceptions. My wife makes an outstanding blue cheese, green bean potato salad with no mayo whatsoever. And I’m sure I’ve had a decent pasta salad that escapes me. But that’s about the list.

And I’m now adding the Chicken Salad Sammich from Curb Side Diamond food truck as a bona fide exception to my general dislike.

Made with onions, celery, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and sunflower seeds, this chicken salad (yes, it has mayo) was not only lighter than I’m used to, but had a lot more pop and crunch to it.

I loved the orange tomatoes, green onions and sunflower seeds, and the cucumber was a refreshing touch that helped cut that mush feel you can get with such a sandwich.

There was some sort of roasted garlic spread on the roll that was mighty tasty too.

I know I’m probably not making any friends with my bagging on salad sandwiches, but hopefully I’ll make a few back after they try the variation offered by Faren Earring down at Curb Side Diamond (they post their menu and schedule on their Facebook page).

Oh! And this is #2 on my National Sandwich Month feeding frenzy. I’m not pretending to try for 31, but we’ll see how many I get to. Keep the suggestions coming!