Sandwich Month: Day 1 - The Sturgis Chicken

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on the best sandwiches in town. Keep them coming!

I decided to start off National Sandwich Month at a place that has great memories for me: The Pickle Barrel. A small chain (only five locations according to their website and only one outside Montana), there was a Pickle Barrel 3-4 blocks from my Missoula, Montana fraternity house in college. Proximity, huge sandwiches, and tasty combinations, kept me coming back.

So when I moved to Sioux Falls and found out we had a Pickle Barrel, I was stoked.

That brief preface aside, I love Pickle Barrel. Give me a Dragon Slayer, Ken’s Special or a Beach Comber and I’m a happy man. Just not the unfortunately-named Bobcat Special. GO GRIZ!

I’d never had The Sturgis Chicken before (grilled chicken w/ onions , cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & your choice of salsa or barbeque sauce), but it came recommended from Cousin Eddie, a regular commenter on the blog, and I had to start somewhere.

I went with the salsa over BBQ sauce, and added some banana peppers (pictured above). And while it was a complete mess to eat, that chicken was really good. A little spicy, but more well-seasoned and cooked than anything. It’s one of the warm sandwiches, and I ordered a half. If you’ve never been to Pickle Barrel before, a half is PLENTY.

I’ll go back for the Sturgis Chicken and try it with the BBQ sauce next time.

But not this glorious month; too many other places to try!