JazzFest grub: The Authoritative Rundown

Tons of eats out at JazzFest, and with the crazy-nice weather we’re getting, I’ll bet a ton of you will be heading out this weekend.

And you should; JazzFest is awesome.

I went out there last night with my friend Abby to try some of the food and report back to you all on what you can expect. So while we certainly didn’t scratch the surface of everything offered, here are a couple notes:

First, to orient ourselves, I drew a super-detailed and awesome map.

You’re welcome.

1. Try the fish and chips (far left and bottom booth from main stage). Surprisingly light, crispy and not oily at all. This was the first thing we tried, and was very good. Nice folks too.

2. Avoid the Philly Cheesesteak at the GDIF booth (first food booth to the left of main stage). Just plain flavorless. Shocking for something full of onion, peppers and “seasoned” meat plus nacho cheese. Just not very good. I will say the sausages they were serving up looked awesome. Anyway.

3. Another plus was the Jackrabbit flavor ice cream from the SDSU Ice Cream truck (about midway down the left side row off main stage). Jackrabbit is a lemon curd ice cream with blueberries mixed in. Refreshing and delicious. Tons of other flavors available as well.

That was all we had in us yesterday, but there is a TON of options. Here they are, in order from just left of stage, counter-clockwise:

1. GDIF: as mentioned above, Philly, sausage, chicken kabobs, Greek Salad, etc.

2. The Kettlecorn Kastle: self-explanatory.

3. Hy-Vee Burger Hut: Burgers, brats, bevs.

4. Funnel Cakes: And lemonade.

5. New Orleans Style Sno-Balls: Shaved ice with a boat-load of flavor options.

6. Gyros on Pita Bread: Very specific name. They also have salads, chicken and baklava.

7. Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ: I wanted to try these guys out, but just didn’t get the chance. Maybe Saturday.

8. Front Porch Concessions: Lots of stuff here. Smooties, corn dogs, nachos (not to be confused with the also-offered ‘Mexican Nachos’), and a 32 oz. Taco in a Tub. Wow.

9. Boss’ Pizza and Chicken: Pizza, chicken wings, fried cheesecake bites and roasted sweet corn.

10. Famous Dave’s: They do BBQ. Ever heard of them?

11. HuHot: Stir Fry and the like.

12. Kettlecorn: Yep, more of it.

13. SDSU Ice Cream: Yummy. Even for you Coyotes out there.

14. Nick’s Gyros: Always a favorite, but I’ve eaten there twice this week (post on that coming sometime next week), so I passed. The usual Gyro fare here.

15. MJ’s 1919 Root Beer Floats: Good root beer. Love floats.

16. Deep Fried Cheese: White cheddar cheese curds. Also have burgers/brats/etc.

17. Brats, Dogs and More: More.

18. Gwennies Jamaican Jerk Chicken: We were going to to eat here. They have wings, curry chicken and curry goat, fish, ox tail, etc. Looked awesome and different. But they weren’t ready at 6, and still weren’t serving by 7:30, so we had to bail.

19. Fish ‘n Chips: Recommend.

20. Stuffed Pita’s: Not sure what those pitas are possessing, but hopefully something tasty. Also Texas taters(?) and lemonade.

Second Stage Area:

21. Wiener Wagon: Hot dogs.

22. Bite Me Mobile Bistro: A new (another!) food truck that had it’s grand opening last night. Slow-cooked meats on ciabbata rolls, a portobello burger and a couple other vegetarian and gluten-free options.

23. Curb Side Diamond: Pulled-chicken sandwich, spinach and artichoke dip and pineapple-mango salsa and chips.

That’s it, folks. That’s the list (at least as of Thursday night).

So get out there and eat some festival food!

Oh! Almost forgot the beer and wine lineup. Beer tents all over.

Beer: Bud, Bud Light, Michelob Golden Light, Shiner Bock, Coors, Coors Light, MGD, Miller Lite, Boulevard Wheat, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Grain Belt, New Belgium Shift

Not Beer: Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade, Miller Sharp’s, Twisted Tea.

Wine: All Naked Grape wines - Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Harvest Red Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.